Written By Isaac Simpson

If your nose and ears keep growing as long as you're alive, why can't your junk? Sure would be nice if our penises grew slowly but surely alongside our 401(k)s.

As it turns out, this is true for women. Clitorises at age 32 are four times larger than they are during puberty. And this trend continues until death.

Alas, us men are not so lucky. Our penises stop growing entirely after our early twenties, and usually long before that. In fact, a large percentage of dudes are stuck with the penis size they have at age 13. The reason for this is that, sadly, our penises are not made of cartilage like our nose and ears, and thus cannot grow any more new cells once we're adults.

So how come our penises don’t act the same as clitorises? It’s a simple answer: Women’s clitorises grow due to hormonal changes in their body as they age. Men don’t have the same changes, and thus no growth.

Still, we might be able to win on a technicality. Men’s genitalia does sag as we get older, the cells inevitably pulled down by the force of gravity. Does saggy technically mean bigger? Hmmm. We'll take it!



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