Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration of love, friendship, and admiration. You either love the holiday or absolutely hate it. What if the latter hate it because they’ve been doing it wrong? Maybe the day is less about giving and receiving the perfect gift as an indication of how much love exists and more about the love and time you give.  Remember, when it comes to V-day, you are enough. Even if there’s no special someone, remember to pour into you. Here are a few ways to spend the day with your boo or reminding yourself that you are enough. 

Self-Care Day 

Whether you pop in at a day spa or create a relaxing experience at home, taking the time to care for your loved ones or yourself is the gateway to relaxation, connection, and intimacy. If you plan to create the experience at home facials, scalp massages, and candlelit baths are a few ways to indulge in the spa experience in the comfort of your own home.  


Real Talk 

As a solo activity, journal. Nothing lends itself to connection like authenticity and truth. If you’re a vet in this space, jump right in. Or if you’re new here, try spending at least 20 minutes writing to one of the following prompts:  


Today I am grateful for...  

My best qualities are... 


With a partner you can spend time answering a series of questions meant to help you deepen intimacy. Here’s a great source for questions that could help guide the dialogue.  


Couples Yoga and Meditation 

Spending some time getting grounded through a yoga practice or a guided meditation is a great way to bring awareness to yourself or connect with your partner. Here are a few options to help you relax and connect. 


Partner Yoga 

Yoga for Love 

Yoga for Emotional Release 

Guided Meditation 


It doesn’t matter if you’re paired up or alone, Valentine’s Day is a great time to unwind and connect. Spend some time pouring love into the day’s experiences and you might just develop a new appreciation for Valentine’s Day. 


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