Measures of a man are always defined in frequencies throughout some of our most trying times of various challenges and misfortune. It’s a road that allows us to take an introspective look into ourselves and question who we are and how our critical decisions shape us. This sentiment plays a role within the newest show on BET Digital “Brooklyn Blue Sky.” The web series stars Michael Oloyede a young, aspiring film writer who works towards making amends with his ex in order to complete a TV pilot writing competition titled "Netflix & Chill." The partnership comes at cost. As Michael (Blue) struggles with securing a promising future he must first revisit his dark past with Jenelle Simone (Skylar), the two shared a young love that was previously buried in loss, deceit, and pain. The character development is brought to the big screen in this emotional drama that reveals further feelings of redemption, passion, and forgiveness.

We got a chance to catch up with Michael Oloyede as he discussed his upbringing, his early beginnings as an actor and some of his routines as it relates to his evolving style and men’s grooming.


Michael On Early Life and Career

Michael was born in London, England to Nigerian parents. Raised in New Jersey, his academic years would be directed into the medical field under his parents’ wishes. “Like many immigrant parents, mine also wanted me to be a doctor” says Michael. Throughout his early school years, his interest in acting began to grow. It wasn’t until his senior year of college that he made the decision to pursue acting professionally. He continued his journey in New York City working jobs and ultimately beginning an unfulfilling career as a digital marketer, making connections while still battling the discouragement of early parental sayings of seeking “job security.” The career-crossroads came to halt after an audition for Raisin In the Sun with Denzel Washington. “I was tired of having to compromise what I loved for my current employment situation.” In 2015, “I let my creative freedom take charge and quit my day job.” That groundbreaking decision sent shockwaves throughout his career with features including a small role in  a new Netflix series titled "Maniac" starring Jonah Hill & Emma Stone and most recently the award-winning YouTube series turned BET show Brooklyn Blue Sky which he stars alongside Jenelle Swan on BET Networks. They’ve currently wrapped up season one of the new series. Michael Oloyede stands an example that life’s unexpected turns can lead to golden opportunities supported by taking risks, continued focus, and a passion that cannot be buried.


Michael On Grooming

What are three words to describe your style?

Unexpected. Tailored. Comfortable.


Any specific outfits you enjoy wearing?

I’m always wearing suits.


What’s one of your favorite parts of your grooming routine?

Haircuts. They are one of my favorite things. I commute from Brooklyn to Harlem for my barber. He’s the only one that gets it the way I want it. I’m also beginning to see the light in face masks (ingredients including: shea butter, coconut oil)


Are there any specific challenges in your routine?

Not really. I think the biggest is being presentable in everyday life regardless of character.


What’s next now that season one of Brooklyn Blue Sky is done?

I’m learning to create and produce my own original content including a video series which is in pre-production. In the meantime, hopefully the people will see a season two of Brooklyn Blue Sky. Stay tuned.


Be sure to tune into the full series, now available HERE at


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