Actor Tobias Truvillion for Scotch Porter

Actor Tobias Truvillion for Scotch Porter


Actor/Philanthropist Tobias Truvillion is a on a mission. You may have seen him on screen in “Hitch” and “Empire” as he makes his rounds in Hollywood establishing his profile. Like Tobias, many aspire to be in front of the camera and he has some veteran advice for them. “You have to pay homage to the craft, you have to learn your craft. It’s not easy being an actor. There’s natural ability, there’s skill but there’s also a bunch of things that need to combine into one to create a character, to tell a story in order to be believable.”

This Spring, Tobias is featured in the Scotch Porter Spring/Summer Campaign, giving a behind the scenes look his self-care routine. “It was a no brainer when it came to working with Scotch Porter. I’ve been a fan of the brand since its inception and I was excited about working with them when the opportunity came my way. When it comes to delivering on products that work, attention to detail and healthier ingredients, Scotch Porter is it. I’m honored to work with the team to continue to share how the products fit into my lifestyle.” Said Truvillion.

Even with a crazy schedule, Tobias is disciplined when it comes to keeping his self-care regimen on point. The category of Health & Wellness is becoming more a part of mainstream conversation and Tobias and like-minded individuals, understand the importance of setting up routines to keep them on track. What are you doing daily to achieve your internal & external goals? Think about it and be sure to jot your answers down.

In the meantime, check out Tobias's favorite Scotch Porter collection items here. You won't be disappointed.

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