Bearded, Bold & Beautiful | Beards: More Than A Style  Accessory

Bearded, Bold & Beautiful | Beards: More Than A Style Accessory


In case you did not know, today is the first day of Spring. It is the first day of a whole new season, new weather, and a new transition, but that does not mean it is time to do anything crazy; like shave your beard. You have worked too hard for it, and though people will say otherwise, beards are more than a seasonal thing. Our beards have taken the time to grow, we have put in far too much work to cut it all off now. Just because the seasons have officially changed doesn’t mean your beard should, however your grooming routine should be tweaked a bit for the warmer months of the year. Today we explore beards and the fact that they are more than a seasonal style accessory.

Sure, beards may serve some function for the fellas working out in the cold and in the grit. However, for most of us, our beard is our style, our rebellion, or simply a disdain for shaving. Whatever the case is, your beard is what make you an individual from all of the shaven men around the world. Spring is here, and it is time to embrace your beard as more than a rustic Winter accessory. It is time to change your grooming routine a bit and update your look for a new season. Your beard says more than you can imagine, so step it up for a new season!

Any routine should include washing, conditioning and moisturizing your beard, Springtime means you will more than likely be getting outside a bit more; hopefully. As the weather changes so do our patterns of play and being outside means more dirt, more debris, and more build up. To battle against all that nature has to offer for your beard and face, washing more often during these warmer months of the year is a great place to start. A clean beard is an illustrious beard and these breezy days allows for your face and beard to get much more action in the process. Sweat, dirt and more can clog pores and lead to a pretty disgusting beard quickly. Our Scotch Porter Beard Wash and Conditioner is an excellent way to battle the dirt and grime off your outdoor adventures while keeping your beard looking terrific all season long!


Your beard acts as a natural defense for your skin, keeping dirt, debris and more airborne junk from wreaking havoc. However leaving your beard unkempt and washed can lead to a build of residue. This residue will cause your face to collect body heat, not properly releasing it, therefore leading to inflammation and more. Keeping your beard thoroughly washed and conditioned will also keep your skin fresh underneath. If washing daily is too much for your beard, try switching things up by washing less and conditioning more. This will make for a softer and fuller beard, while also helping keep your facial hair healthy and refreshed. Of course, beard oil can definitely assist at the end of your routine, keeping your beard properly moisturized and looking great as well.

So now that we are on to a new season and you have a new routine for your beard, it is time to get out and enjoy life. Whether you are into hitting the water, hitting the streets or even the beach, Spring is all about things coming to life, and now that Winter is gone we should all be doing exactly that. Have a great Spring, stay bearded, bold, beautiful and safe!

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