Bros Night In: How to Host the Perfect Guys Night In

Bros Night In: How to Host the Perfect Guys Night In


Getting a night out to celebrate and catch up with your best bros is always a great time. But when you're young and chasing that corporate bag, your work/life balance is anything but balanced. This makes spending time with your day 1’s almost impossible. Luckily the “Chill Gods” have blessed you with a free weekend, and you know what that means—guy’s night in! 

Not sure what that is? Just think— it’s one of those moments where you’re carefree; in a pair of sweats, and your favorite Yeezys, laughing and bullsh!#%ng with your boys about current events, the latest sports news, the newest album releases. The type of night that’s a lot more comfortable and easier on the pockets than, say—standing in line for a high-end club, only to pay for overpriced drinks followed by greasy foods that you’re sure to pay the price for in the morning. 

So, instead of wasting time in the club like old men, here’s a foolproof playbook on how to host the perfect guys night in.


Finger Foods

Most of us can’t afford to hire a private chef or caterer for a simple guys night in, but if you’d still like to impress your guests we suggest taking your food game up a few notches. In other words, ditch the frozen Totino pizza rolls and the chinese takeout. Think more along the lines of marinated grilled kabobs (seafood, chicken and vegan options), a curated charcuterie board of fine meats, olives, mustards and nuts, and specialty desserts like chunky cookies or one bite brownies. Try your local Whole Foods, or subscribe to a service like Carnivore Club, Man Crates or Fresh Direct if you plan to make this a monthly affair.

Fine Spirits 

Repeat after us: “I will not stop and purchase the basic gas station six pack of brew.” Instead visit an upscale liquor retailer and pick up the finest bottle of brown liquor money can buy. After all, these are your closest dudes, give em’ a taste of the good life for once. Preferably a heavy pour of Scotch or Cognac in a solid rock glass, served neat, or on the rocks—your choice!

Who’s Got Next?  

No hangout is complete without someone breaking out the cards for a game of Spades, setting up the dominoes or hooking up the PS4 and getting in a few games of Madden or Smash Bros. When you get your guys together the competitive juices just start flowing, and you can only hope that no one will get upset and everyone will still be friends at the end of the evening. 

Every Good Movie Has A Dope Soundtrack

Old Kanye, New Drake, Migos, Old school rap acts like Wu-Tang, L.L. Cool J and Jay-Z will keep the energy on 100 and can even spark debates that will have you defending your Top 5 MC’s. 



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