Tuesday, March 8th is International Women's Day. International Women's Day is a global day to celebrate cultural, economic, social, and political successes of women. Fellas, this is your reminder to give the women in your life the flowers they deserve. Not sure, where to start? We have a few ideas for you. 


Use Your Words

Write a letter or call the women in your life and express how much they mean to you. Don't just stop with mom; make sure you share the love with your aunties, sisters, partners, daughters, friends, and more.


Mentor Women in the Workplace

Overall, full time female professionals in the United States, make 83% of what their male counterparts do. You can help close the pay gap by mentoring women in your network or serving as a sponsor. By sharing your knowledge, advocating for and elevating women in your network, you are helping close the pay gap and ensuring women receive all the compensation they deserve!  


Prioritize Self-Care

Now more than ever, prioritizing self-care is key. Remind her of the importance of taking a moment for herself to refill her cup. Don't forget about you too. Try holding each other accountable by setting up self-care dates. To set the vibes, we recommend the Scotch Porter "The Porter House" candle which consists of a sharp green floriental vibe, serving as a retreat into a modern oasis.

Donate to a Women's Focused Organization 

A great way to celebrate women is to contribute with your time or your resources to an organization that promotes and uplifts women. A few organizations to consider are: Womenkind Worldwide, Equality Now, Women's Prison Association, and Dress For Success.


Learn from Women's Rights Activists 

A great way to continue to uplift women is to consume media made by women that share their experiences. By understanding varying perspectives you are able to identify how you can continue to be an ally in the fight for equity with women. A few women's rights advocates to consider checking out are: Minda Hart, Amanda Gorman, and Nina Gualinga


Whatever way you decide to celebrate, we know the women in your life will appreciate you for sharing the love and honoring them in the best way you see fit. 

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