#DareToCare: Datwon Thomas

#DareToCare: Datwon Thomas




The #DaretoCare campaign is in full swing and the next up interview features Datwon Thomas. Currently the Editor-in-Chief at VIBE, Thomas faced adversity head on when he realized he deserved a seat at the table. Many of us come from different walks of life but at times there is a common thread that connects us all. Listen to him share his career journey from Bad Boy to VIBE, ways he's navigating fatherhood and thoughts around toxic masculinity.

I think the notion of toxic masculinity is a topic that’s being talked about now. We’re finally opening up as a society to be able to recognize it.

– Datwon Thomas

At Scotch Porter, the #DaretoCare mission represents a series of voices from around the nation sharing their perspective when it comes to defining and embracing masculinity. Join the conversation by uploading your 1-minute video today: www.ScotchPorter.com/DaretoCare

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#DareToCare: Datwon Thomas


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