Don’t Quit Your Job for Your Dreams…Yet

Don’t Quit Your Job for Your Dreams…Yet


Finally decided to quit your stuffy corporate job with the stale ass Monday morning bagels, and FINALLY open up that shrimp n’ grits n’ trap karaoke lounge? We’re here to tell you, pump ya’ brakes.

We’re starting to see an uptick in people leaving their cushy 9-to-5’s in search of something bigger than themselves. And while finding and living in your purpose is something we’d gladly celebrate from the highest of mountaintops, sometimes your patience can be your greatest asset. Now this doesn’t mean you stay at that job you hate or you keep procrastinating on your dreams until they expire. What it does mean is you reasonably weigh pros and cons, you save up enough money to keep you afloat, and you don’t have to rush your process.

Leverage the resources at your day job: use the printer and fax, stack your money, get all of the free water and snacks you can, build a network of connections you can reach out to, and prepare to secure the bag without struggling on bologna and pocket lint while you charge towards the dreams you will soon make a reality. Don’t feel the pressure to work for yourself overnight. Take your time to develop a plan, consult with those who have already went through a similar process. Everyone’s journey differs. I mean, you can do morning bagels for at least another year, right? Keep working towards your dreams while still working on the thing that pays your bills. There is no shame in that. Save us some grits though.


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