Dry, rough skin is out and soft, moisturized skin is in. When you hop out the shower, make sure to grab your favorite lotion and lather up to lock in moisture. Here are a few reasons why keeping skin soft is important. 

Using lotion helps reduce wrinkles by keeping the cells moisturized and trapping water in the skin which helps to mask tiny lines and creases.

Skimping on lotion causes dry skin. The dryer the skin, the more oil your body produces. The additional oil can clog pores which can cause an increase in breakouts. 

Already have dry skin? Your body is craving ingredients that will restore the moisture barrier which will lead to soothing irritable skin.


Consistent, daily use of lotion will help prevent skin dryness and will replenish moisture that is lost throughout the day. Looking for a new favorite lotion? Try out our NEW! Intense Anti-Dry Body Lotion. This lightweight Shea Butter based lotion is inspired by the best-selling Badlands and Miami Duppy fragrances. The Citrus + Crisp Woods Body Lotion, inspired by the Badlands fragrance, is fresh, earthy and musky; a fresh and majestic blend for every-day moments. The Sandalwood + Tobacco Musk scented Body Lotion, is a warm boozy spice; an optimistic elixir with turn up personality. Pro tip: Pair it with the Hydrating Body Wash and the corresponding scent to elevate your scent profile. 

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