General Tips to Grow Facial Hair Now

General Tips to Grow Facial Hair Now


You’re either exhausted, frustrated, or simply excited. Those are some of the emotions that stir us up during our evolutionary hair growth period. It can be unforgiving and drive us to have an ongoing staredown with a razor that simply calls upon it to finish the job. But before you call it quits, it’s important to remember that growing facial hair requires constant babysitting, focus, and determination. Many of us are mesmerized by the magazine-styled goatees or full-length beards and as we scratch through our questionable patchy beards or light stubble the future doesn’t look so bright. There has to be an understanding that those same stubble days or patchy beards are all apart of the development stages. There’s critical steps in place to get to the end goal. Take a moment and look below at some helpful hints and tips that alleviate the stresses of facial hair growth for a much more smoother process this winter season.


Embrace the signs

Don’t be quick to downplay those early signs. A bearded prospect understands that these things take time and formulates a realistic plan that will monitor each facial hair stage. Most men assume stubble is the first stage that requires the least amount of maintenance time. You may have been seeing it since grade school but this doesn’t mean it's dismissable. The premiere stages call upon full time work and effort from cleansing agents like facial scrubs and moisturizers. Moisturizing your stubble hair is a strong determinant on how the rest of your facial hair can grow. If you can’t purchase that next facial appointment, bring the experience home with products like Scotch Porter face scrub and even beard conditioner. Simple techniques like opening pores with warm water and circular motions of massaging products onto the skin can emulate the feeling of a salon. Removing impurities like blackheads and drying out pimples with the face wash will accelerate a healthy growth of stubble and ultimately the rest of facial hair.



Hereditary misfortunes like balding can be the very quicksand that destroys a person’s esteem particularly men. It’s true that only a chosen few have the effortless ability to grow full, flawless beards and mustaches with little to no technical assistance. The rest of us have to settle with the idea that balding and inconsistent hair growth is prevalent. Don’t get discouraged; understand that there are things we can do to defend. The first sign of balding is not the end so don’t be quick to end it with a razor. Ask yourself: how much water do I consume a day? Do I truly care for my hair the best way I know how? How are my stress levels? Many of us may suffer from balding as a consequence of emotional distress (alopecia) through overworking, lack of sleep, or poor eating habits. You’ll want to take a look and evaluate your life decisions which contribute to your facial hair growth like beards or mustaches. If you are suffering from alopecia be sure to visit your doctor for professional assistance and immediate solutions.


Boost Your Consul

You are the company you keep. We’ve heard that classic phrase since we first stepped foot in a barbershop as a child. In this case, it speaks volumes within this critical stage. After your amateur-hour of growth, there’s a stage that may be grey and dull. You may not know what comes  next after finding the right products. It’s important to receive a proper consultation for your needs. The truth hurts but that professional input may not come from your barber. He or she can cut your hair but may not know the best practices when it comes to healthy hair growth. So what does this mean? You may want to visit a barbershop or even a men’s salon that requires twenty dollars extra to ensure you get the full, comprehensive, consultation on your hair. The shops with a higher premium, usually, have an industry hair professional with extensive knowledge and even some facial services that will promote that healthy growth.


Tip: Research other shops and salons with full-service options for the most informative consultation and necessary direction. This does not mean dismiss your local barber. If needed, just come to the understanding that you’re looking for a more thorough knowledge on the next best steps that requires some outside help. Let them down easy and ensure that you still want and appreciate their continued service.

Construct the routine

Anything that encompasses a routine plan has been proven to be highly effective. The same routine you naturally infuse for exercising, showering, requesting some nightly company is what has to be incorporated when growing your facial hair. If you hold yourself accountable and do certain cleansing practices when reminded, it’ll be habitual making it less of a routine hassel. When you apply your facial or beard wash from Scotch Porter be sure to observe how your hair strands feel. If your chin feels a bit brittle or is growing whacky that may mean you’ll need to condition or simply apply a beard serum in the mornings to ensure it’s moisturized properly. Take mental notes on the development of your hair and beard and then compose the best routine that works for you. For example, washing your beard once a week may be effective enough while fusing 2-3 days of conditioning during the winter. Your hair will adjust to what you apply but you’ve got to do your part to understand its patterns of growth behavior.

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