Get The Gadgets | Five New Electronic Devices Just For You

Get The Gadgets | Five New Electronic Devices Just For You


These days nothing changes faster than technology. Due to that fact, it is a bit of a gift and a curse when it comes to the world of electronic devices and gadgets. With things changing so rapidly it is hard to keep up with the latest and great in the world of electronics, but that is why we are here.

Today we take a look five of the most unique and outstanding electronic devices which will bring you up to date with the modern technology surrounding you. Oddly enough the world of gaming has brought the world of retros to our modern life while speakers, music equipment and more has taken a giant leap forward. Check out our selections for five new, and outstanding, electronic devices to add to your life. Stay tuned for more from the world of tech and design coming soon!

The Seaboard Rise Keyboard

Technology has changed everything and this keyboard is a great example of tech's touch in music making. The Seaboard Rise Keyboard features a high-quality extruded black anodized aluminum construction while the silicone keywave surface is custom-engineered for a firm and effective approach. The keyboard lets you move your fingers from side to side, sliding them up keywaves or along ribbons for a more intuitive use. The design is also battery powered, letting you play untethered, or just plug into a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Make modern music with The Seaboard Rise Keyboard.

The “Small Transparent Speaker”

For any fan of music, quality sound is a must have and this design brings exactly that to your life. Not only does The “Small Transparent Speaker” offers next level sound quality, and it also provides a modern approach to your listening experience. The speakers feature a high-tech approach with a classic yet minimal design. We find a built-in amplifier embedded with digital signature processing and 2.5-inch premium full-range drivers. The setup is housed in a clean, clear body while also featuring WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The speakers also feature a device to automatically detect if parts are broken or need to be replaced. Listen to the future!

The Retrobit Super Retro Boy

While gaming has taken quite a leap forward in terms of augmented reality, virtual reality and more. However, we still love the classics, and The Retrobit Super Retro Boy lets you relive those old school days in gaming. The handheld gaming console can play games from the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Gameboy Advance, doing so while also rocking only brightness and volume dials, a headphone jack, a power switch, and a rechargeable battery. The simple design offers no built-in games, no Wi-Fi, and no TV-out. Instead, the design features four action buttons: A, B, L and R, start and select buttons and an HD display, offering classic gaming on the go. Take it back to the basics with a modern appeal!

The Bang & Olufsen M5 Speaker

Things have changed, and that includes the way we listen to our favorite music. Bang & Olufsen are known for their outstanding designs in sound, and their latest design is perfect for any audiophile. The Bang & Olufsen M5 Speaker features a design by award-winning Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz. The speaker boasts acoustically transparent wool-blend fabric cover and can adjust the volume and rotate itself to a neutral position from any corner. The speaker is part of a new multi-room wireless design boasting 360- degree audio capacity for quality sound everywhere. The speaker features three tweeters, a full range front-facing midrange driver and a 5-inch neodymium powered downward-firing woofer. The design comes with Chromecast built-in to finish things off. Add some modern sound to your life!

The Atari Table Pong Project

Looking to update your home or office decor? Well The Atari Table Pong Project is an excellent way to do so, offering up a little gaming with a sleek design that can transform into a functional table. This outstanding design features the classic Atari game Pong on a bigger scale while also offering a sleek table once the handy outer case is in place. The case hides away quickly and effortlessly making for quite a clean looking piece when not in use, which is sure to make quite an eye-catching piece for any home or office design. Have some fun and some function with the Table Pong Project!


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