Platinum R&B Singer Adrian Marcel is not new to the music scene. His first Billboard chart hit was in 2014 with his anthem “2AM” featuring Sage the Gemini. An East Oakland Native, he has continued to release music and build a loyal following by positioning himself authentically. When it comes to self-care, not only does Adrian pour his all into his family and music, he also makes sure that he takes time to care for himself. We had a chance to chat with him about his grooming, music and goals. Check it out.


How did you get your start as an artist?

I started training in music and the music industry early, thanks to my parents! I’ve always had a passion for music and the arts period. I would always be in some spot I was too young to be in, singing/performing with a band I would put together from my school, or a program my mother would have me in. I started to put myself out there and let nature take its course if you will. I feel when you wake up and give 100% of yourself to your craft everyday, it can only manifest in one way. When that manifested into an opportunity to further myself in the industry i jumped head first lol. I moved to Atlanta with my manager at the time, and a few other dope creatives to create 30 records in a couple of months. We shopped it and landed at Republic Records, and that’s when I went through a crash course of the music business with success from my acclaimed hit, “2AM” and projects (7 Days Of Weak, Weak After Next, Weak After Next Reloaded, and 50 Shades Of Adrian) I released during my time with the label. I worked with Raphael Saadiq, Tricky Stewart, amongst many other legendary creatives, and I released one more project (GMFU) before I created my independent label “Third Voice Music Group”. The rest is still unwritten lol.


You recently released a single and have an album slated for June. Can you tell us about your vision behind it?

Yes, I released my first single “Slow Burn” under the “Third Voice Music Group” umbrella, and will be releasing my new album “98Th” in June. Not to mention co-starring in my first feature film, “The Bobby Debarge Story” premiering on TVOne June 9th. My vision behind the project was based on what I was going through in the time of choosing to be independent. I wanted to go back to that young AM in high school before being in the industry, when it was all about having fun making music and dealing with girls. The confidence I oozed was unmatched lol. There were no politics involved, just real life experiences and unlimited creativity. For me that usually equals dope, authentic music. So I called the album “98Th” which is the area I moved to in high-school. I produced 80% of the project, and wrote 100% of the lyrics with my friend a fellow artist Jane Handcock


When it comes to being a man, what (3) things are a part of your core values?

As a man, the three things I hold to the highest value are family, faith, and freedom. Family is my core and my sanctuary. They are who I can be myself with, and that doesnʼt automatically mean blood. Being a creative can take you away from reality at times, so you have to have ppl around you who can keep you grounded and level-headed. They are the ones who hold me to a certain standard because they truly love me. Faith is the center of all my beliefs. The passion I have for entertainment and the motivation that drives me to be the best me is my faith in myself and faith in GOD.  Everything that has ever happened to me, or every experience that I can recall has been to guide me towards my purpose and true happiness. I’ve always set goals for myself in entertainment and life and I know the only reason I have never quit is because of the level of faith I carry. A man with no faith could never truly lead his family. Last, is my freedom to be who I am, to create the music I choose, to love the way I want, to accomplish whatever I believe I can, etc… I donʼt like to judge others for their flaws because I have my own. I have chosen to accept and love everything about myself so that I can allow that same freedom to others. A man has to have the freedom to be who he is to truly learn and better himself, that’s how we move forward.


What is your skin and hair regimen? 

My regimen is pretty simple. Every morning and night I wash my face, and at least three times a day I brush and style my waves. Overall the hair time equals out to about an hour or so a day.


How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is kind of broad. Everything is about how I feel and what I like. I’m not so stuck on designer name brands or the most popular trends in fashion. If I like something when I see it, I have to try it out. If I feel good in it, 9 times out of 10 it’s right. I’ve always had a sort of class about myself so I like to look fly and classic. I can throw on a suit and swag out, and I can grab a denim jean outfit and still be just as fly. I’ve never been into looking dusty or coming off as if I donʼt care about what I look like. Even when I’m in sweats I still like my hair to be done, to smell good, and be fresh in some form or fashion. All black is usually my go to!


When it comes to growth, how do you push yourself?

I’m big on mental and spiritual growth. Anytime I can give to becoming the best version of myself, I do. Lifting weights and exercising for me is extremely therapeutic and stress relieving. I get time to think and push out all of the issues hanging on my mind. I can think clearly. I take time to clean up my areas and spaces. I find that a clear space leaves a clear mind. I donʼt mediate the formal way always, but I always find time to sit in silence and center myself. Last but not least I pray as much as I can.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspirations are my children. I have two daughters and a son who love and adore their dad. They look up to me and mimic everything they see me do. With that being said I have a certain responsibility to set and be the best example I can be for them. I want to give them the world along with the proper tools and knowledge to excel and succeed in it. I’m able to make music out of love that is generated from them. That’s the ultimate drive and motivation.


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