Redefining The Multicultural Grooming Space

Redefining The Multicultural Grooming Space



We have two major announcements today: the release of our newest line of hair care products and a retail partnership with Target placing Scotch Porter in select locations nationwide. What started off as an experiment in our founder, Calvin Quallis’ kitchen has rapidly grown into the grooming solution of choice for men internationally. With an entirely new packaging design and reformulation, the Scotch Porter Hair Collection joins our highly regarded beard and skin collections as the third assortment of non-toxic products catered to the everyday man.


Featuring ingredients such as Kale Protein and White Willow Bark, our Scotch Porter Hair Collection utilizes vitamins and botanicals to purify, balance and restore the most sensitive and problematic hair types. Our new Scotch Porter Hair Collection, with a focus on coily, curly, kinky and wavy hair types, is set to provide users with healthier hair and scalp no matter their issue. The hair collection is available for purchase at




“We develop multi-functional products to enhance the everyday guy’s experience because our hair, skin, and body benefit from key ingredients such as Biotin Liposomes, Turmeric and Pomegranate Enzymes,” says Calvin Quallis. “It is with that same spirit we continue to build out our fresh, handmade better-for you grooming and wellness products; solutions to the real issues men face daily.”



The new Hair Collection includes: 


Hydrating Hair Wash ($11.99; 13 oz.) –  An herbal and botanical blend with flake reduction actives and healthy scalp and hair growth botanicals like Kale Protein and Horsetail Extract. Our Hair Wash purifies, balances, and restores even the most sensitive and problematic hair and scalp types.


Nourish & Repair Hair Conditioner ($11.99; 13 oz.) –  A nourishing, deep conditioning treatment with Biotin that promotes softness & shine featuring botanical blends to promote healthy hair growth.

Moisture Rich Leave-In Hair Conditioner ($11.99; 7.1 oz.) – A daily lightweight moisturizer with Biotin that intensely hydrates hair to keep moisture locked in while smoothing and defining curly and wavy hair. 


Smoothing Hair Balm ($14.99; 3.4 oz.) – Our hair balm renews moisture, prevents frizz, creates definition and includes flake reduction actives and healthy hair & scalp botanicals like Biotin, Kale Protein and Horsetail Extract that promotes healthy hair growth and helps prevent hair thinning.

Smooth & Shine Hair Serum ($19.99; 1.7 oz.) – For wavy, curly hair, our hair serum, with Argan and avocado seed oils, provides smoothness and maximum shine keeping frizz-free and sealing in moisture all day.  



In addition to the Scotch Porter Hair Collection, we will also launch both our beard and skin collections in almost 500 Target stores. Introducing new packaging designs and new pricing, ranging from $5.99-$19.99, with even greater product benefit value. Consumers will be able to purchase our products in select Target stores nationwide beginning February 9th, 2020.


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