Saving $13/Per Day = $5,000 A Year: 4 Very Easy Ways To Get It Done

Saving $13/Per Day = $5,000 A Year: 4 Very Easy Ways To Get It Done


As we approach the end of the year and think back on the things we did, one thing is true for all of us—we spent money. It takes money to eat, to have shelter, to be entertained. It even takes money to make money, which is the very reason for this article. Sometimes you just need someone to break it down and make it simple, so here it is:

Saving $13 per day equals close to $5,000 per year. 


Doesn’t sound like a lot until you realize what you’re currently spending that $13 on. Below we’ve compiled a list of things young people commonly spend money on daily, and we’re sure you’ll recognize a few things on the list you can do without. 


Coffee & Energy Drinks 

Most of us can’t function normally without caffeine in the morning. It may only seem like a few bucks, but when you add it up, it makes for a nice size daily expenditure. If you pay $4 for a coffee, five days per week, you are spending $20 a week on your caffeine fix. This adds up to $1,040 a year. In short, go vintage, get a thermos—brew your own coffee man. 


Bottled Water 

Having clean water to drink is fundamental. But bottled water companies charge $2-3 for a single bottle. Often times they’re merely selling water that has been filtered by an appliance that is very similar to the inexpensive filters you can get online or at a local store. Verdict: get a water filter and portable water bottle and save some dough. 


Eating Out for Lunch

Stepping out for lunch is a good way to escape the stress of work for a bit, but your wallet is taking a hit. If you only spend $10 a day on lunch (which is difficult in the city), you’re throwing away $50 per week. This adds up to $2,600 a year. Two words—sack lunch. 


Alcohol, Cigarettes, & Other Stuff

Have a beer or glass of wine after work every day? Maybe you have other vices? Whatever it is, let’s say you spend around $35/week to take the edge off. Bet you’d be surprised to know that your buzz costs you $1,820 a year.



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