Friendsgiving isn't just a chance to share a feast; it's a time to show appreciation for your squad and enjoy each other's company. Let's face it, guys love a good time, and there's no better way to celebrate friendship and gratitude than by hosting a Friendsgiving party with a bit of swag.  

Get ready for a celebration that's straight fire! 
Grooming Essentials for the Host 
Before your homies roll in, make sure you're looking fresh to death. Scotch Porter has a dope range of grooming products to help you stay on point. From the Beard Collection [link] to keep your facial hair soft to the Face Care Collection for that clean, clear skin – it's all you need to stay fly. 
Create A Vibe  
Setting the right vibe is key. Think dim lights, smooth tunes, and cozy seating. Scotch Porter's candles can set the mood and have your space smelling like straight-up luxury.  


Whiskey and Cocktail Bar 
No party is complete without some sips. Set up a whiskey and cocktail bar with the finest selections. Think about naming the cocktails you make after memories you've had with your friends. It's a creative twist that's bound to have your boys talking and remembering good times.  
A Boss Menu 
For the grub, think hearty and flavorful dishes – we're talking chicken wings, mac and cheese, and don't forget to cater to your veggie-loving homies with some vegetarian options. 

The Playlist
Your playlist should be fire, bro. Curate a lineup of classic hip-hop, some new school bops, or whatever gets your crew vibin'. Think about asking your friends to collaborate on a playlist ahead of time!  
Swag Exchange 
Since this party is all about the swag, have a gift exchange. Or even have some goodie bags for your friends to go home with. Scotch Porter grooming products as gifts – everyone's gotta leave with something fresh for their routine. We suggest Scotch Porter’s trial kits (Beard, Face and Hair) as great gifts to put your crew onto.  
Capture the Moments 
Make sure to capture the moments with photos and videos. Grab a Polaroid camera and add the photos throughout the night to the swag bags. So, your homies will never forget about this lit night.  
Scotch Porter is all about celebrating confidence, individuality, and brotherhood. By incorporating their grooming products into your Friendsgiving, you're not just leveling up your style, but you're spreading the message of unity and self-care. With the right vibe, good food, and Scotch Porter products in hand, your lit Friendsgiving is bound to be an unforgettable experience that your boys will be looking forward to year after year. Cheers to celebrating friendship in style, my guy.  

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