After what was a very rough winter, we’ve broken through into springtime. The giant winter coats can go back in the closest for another year. It’s the perfect time to deal with the few pounds you may have gained snacking during those snow storms. Understandably a lot of people still aren't at a comfort level to rejoin local indoor gyms. Fortunately the improving weather opens up another incredibly effective and efficient fitness option. Grab a couple gallon containers, fill them up with water and make your way to your nearby park/playground for some quality high-impact exercise. 


Bodyweight based routines turn out some of the best and most well-rounded results when working out with little equipment. Your body is built to support itself. You can run and jump without having to think too much about it, but by working with this natural system of strength you can make great gains not just in appearance but in functional growth too. 




  • You can loosen yourself up with some jumping jacks or as an alternative do some squat jacks to better engage your calves and glute muscles. 
  • Warm up those arms and your back with some simple bent over flies. The weight from your water bottles will get the blood flowing quickly. Keep a slow and ready motion with a squeeze at the top to get most out of this move.
  • Find steps in the area and work through a few sets of step ups. You can do these with or without any weights but if you do add weights you can adjust the muscles you engage during the step ups by where you hold the weight. Hold weight directly above your head to get that midsection and core burn going while working on balance.
  • When you’re done stepping up you can use the same steps as elevation to do incline push ups. 
  • A classic childhood favorite, the monkey bars double as ideal pull up and chin up bars. 



Oftentimes the idea of a quality workout is over thought. It's made more complicated than it needs to be. By finding half a dozen exercises that work for you and using slight variations in angles and weight you can get yourself a great workout while enjoying being back outside.


Written By Jason Francis

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