Since the start of summer, the weather has been strikingly hot. The weather’s power of utter heat and humidity has been spot on. Sometimes having one outfit for the entire day is not enough. In between constant movement, random rain showers, and a humidity that’ll make you feel like you’re in a tropical rain forest, this calls for an update on one’s grooming routine. As the seasons change so should your daily habits of self care. You may have to take that extra minute in the mirror or rethink a certain attire that’s not conducive to what’s going on outside. Nonetheless, there are some important things to be aware of as we continue to maneuver through until the close of summer.

The sun and its rays are no hidden beauty. Being around it feels great but exposure for extended periods of time can have unfavorable consequences. Shining through the beautiful beams of light is a pocket full of trying responsibilities and misfortunes if not properly taken care of. Just like most people we know, the skin, a large organ, requires proper tender love and care. Little to no attention, during summer can lead to oily or dismantled skin, overproduced sweat glands, and sunburn that can last for what seems like ages.

Be properly equipped to protect the face with defense tools like a facial cleanser or even a mask of some sort. Each has properties in it to fight off large pores that can produce large amounts of sweat and oils. A clay mask or having products with charcoal in it has the ability to absorb toxins and pollutants. When it comes to the scalp, opt for a stylish finish, sport a summer crown or a hat. Shop around and get your hands on a summer fedora. You’d be surprised to know you’re protecting your scalp from heat exposure and looking good at the same time.

Sometimes it’s hard to say what’s worse: the actual sweat from the body or the clothes attached to it due to summer heat. Either way it calls for a closer eye to details. Certain materials shouldn’t even be included in the conversation during warmer months (wool or acrylic). During the summer, constantly replenish your undershirt stock. Things like tank tops and v-neck shirts get so many routine uses that after awhile a quick wash won’t be enough; they’ll either fall victim to shrinkage or brown pit stains. White undershirts are a daily necessity and an easy grab without any major dents in the pocket. You’ll be able to wear summer layers minimizing any visible sweat stains.

Assuming we all know the importance of hair washing it’s critical to be aware of dehydration. Store brand shampoos carry high risk of drying your hair out. Try the Scotch Porter Hair Collection instead. Many of the mass-marketed lines are packed with a high concentration of sulfates and synthetic chemicals. Now mix that in with a heatwave and you’re left with a crispy scalp and fried hair strands. To remove the torment, you should be washing no more than twice a week. During the actual wash, be sure to shampoo the hair twice. Most of us skip the conditioning, not realizing its importance. Conditioner restores moisture to the hair and is the golden ticket to using any other styling products. Show your hair some attention with the Scotch Porter Nourish & Repair Hair Conditioner, formulated to protect your hair from the heat.

A constant that gets little to no attention but really needs proper and consistent maintenance: the feet. Feet are the part of the human body that gets overworked and often overlooked too. For feet, summer can be a first class ticket to athlete’s foot world. Sweat buildup in between toes, blisters, and dry skin peeling should be gross enough to make you never want to skip a shower. Just like the face, feet need special treatment too, to unclog pores and breakaway dead skin cells. The feet can accumulate some unwanted guests, like fungus and bad odors that must be avoided and treated when they pop up. So don’t be shy, grab an exfoliator and scrub your feet, especially the toes and heels.

If you’re looking for maximum results, a foot scrubber is a perfect grooming tool that’ll get into those tight areas where the fingers may miss. You won’t have to hide your feet or tuck your toes at the beach any longer!

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