Dare To Care | New To Grooming? Start With Our Basic Skin Care & Start Out Great!

Dare To Care | New To Grooming? Start With Our Basic Skin Care & Start Out Great!


If you are a man and have skin on your face, it's time you start caring and nurturing that skin for a healthier look. Your face says a lot about you and it's the biggest factor in first impressions. Today we take a look at the basics of grooming, starting with your face, the first thing people around you see on a daily basis.

Skin care is essential. It's important for everyone, whether your bearded or not, looking to grow a beard or recent trimmed yours down. Skin care is also a bit confusing with all of the different products, regimens and more. Today we look to simplify your life with a look at the basics of skin care and the reasons behind it.

Skin Care 101


First for those without beards, or looking to start things fresh we take a look at skin care. Step one in good skin care and any good grooming routine starts with a good wash. Washing your face is important, removing the dirt and debris from your pores while also opening them to remove more. Face washing doesn't have to be a rigorous or aggressive part of your routine either. Our Charcoal & Licorice Restoring Face Wash is a great choice for replenishing natural oils while removing dry, oily skin in the process. For some a quick touch of energy finish your wash off with a splash of cold water to get the blood flowing. This adds to your complexion and keeps your skin refreshed.



Removing the dead, dying and dry skin from your face will definitely keep things looking great. Scrubbing and exfoliating, however, is not to be done every day, as it will dry your skin out. However, a small amount of our Charcoal & Licorice Exfoliating Face Scrub over wet face and neck, 3 times per week will keep things refreshed, clean and healthy. Exfoliation is not just for your girlfriend and it has its advantages. Exfoliating is a rather important step in achieving great looking skin, and in the process reveals fresher, smoother, healthier skin.


Moisturizing is another aspect of grooming that is not just for your girlfriend. Moisturizing twice daily after cleansing is essential helping to keep your skin resilient and healthy in the process. Our blend of Charcoal & Licorice Moisture Defense Face Lotion locks in moisture and keeps things fresh all day offering a smooth and soft skin without being oily and heavy. It will also help to control shine from oily areas of the skin.


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