After a long day at work, nothing helps smooth things out like a great adult beverage. While we all have our ‘go-to,' today we take a closer look at the world of craft beers, in the process giving you a look at some of our favorites in the game.

A good craft beer can range in anything from a unique porter to a potent Blonde Ale, all of which are included, as well as some other flavorful and robust choices as well. Have a look at our options for five craft beers worth your time and experience below and let us know your thoughts, and favorites as well.

Prison City Pub & Brewery Mass Riot

This unique blend features a bold boost of flavor that features tropical and juicy appeal. With notes of Orange and Pineapple juice, the beer also features a touch of grapefruit that makes for a flavorful and sweet touch. Rich and sweet, Prison City Pub & Brewery Mass Riot comes in at 6.3% ABV for a smooth and efficient combination.

Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter

Now if you are on the hunt for some unique flavor and interesting appeal; Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter is the one. This blend offers up a combination that brings together maple syrup, coffee, and bacon. They do so in a way that isn't overwhelming, yet providing plenty of strong appeal. The drink comes bottle in 22 oz bottles, offering plenty of bang for your buck! Funky Buddha always offers the Funky Flavor, and this is no different!

Angry Orchard Hard Cider The Old Fashioned

What would our list be without a hard cider? Angry Orchard, The Old Fashioned, is something worth checking out. This brilliant blend features a cider made from a blend of American apples which is then aged in oak with tart cherries, orange peel, and bourbon barrel staves. The result is flavorful, unique and bold, offering up a wide range of notes including zesty citrus, a hint of vanilla and oak. Refreshing and bold, perfect for any drinking experience.

Funky Buddha Brewery’s Pineapple Beach Blonde Ale

Known for their wide range of interesting concoctions, Funky Buddha Brewery’s Pineapple Beach Blonde Ale makes our list. This blend offers up something tropical, and refreshing, which has been 'kissed with gnarly waves of juicy pineapple' as stated by the Brewers themselves. The blend is made with pilsner malt and a touch of wheat for a crisp, light body. An added dose of citrus hops adds a floral, heady aroma and dry finish that is made with enough real pineapple to capture that tropical essence. Potency, flavor and a tropical blend, what more could you want?

Shower Beer By Snask and Pangpang Brewery

Though its name may make you think differently, do not drink this in the shower. Shower Beer By Snask and Pangpang Brewery is a unique blend that comes in small 6 ounce bottles for easy consumption. The combination is hand brewed in Sweden and provides plenty of bold flavors and quite a potent punch in the process. The unique blend is a collaboration between Snask and Pangpang Brewery and is something perfect for your home bar drinking desires.