In the Spirit

In the Spirit


Our spirit is the aspect of us that connects us to our higher source. It is the mainline connection to who we truly are, beyond what life may try to shape us to be. Our spirit keeps us hopeful. It inspires us to keep pushing. It is our inner pep squad, giving us a cheer when we need it most. It speaks truth and life into us sans the intrusion of doubt. Keeping our inner landscapes groomed helps our outward glow radiate even more. Our spirit is uniquely ours, and it holds the answers to all of our needs, so it is important to nurture it and spend time tuning in. When you tune into your spirit, you begin to pay attention to what makes it feel good, and you move toward those things that ignite those good feelings, leaving by the wayside, those things that don't.

Your spirit is like an old friend helping you remember your desires when you get distracted and your memory starts to lapse. Getting and staying inspired becomes effortless when you stay connected to your spirit.

The spirit of a man determines how he shows up in the world. His confidence, his ability to have compassion, determination, and courage are all connected to his ability to listen and let his spirit guide him. It guides his ingenuity. It is what fosters his desires and gives him the courage to bring those desires into fruition. His spirit is that ‘I'm the ish’ voice that gets him going. Even on his worst days, he still feels like a million bucks. It is the essence of his being. It is the attitude that shapes who he is, it is the energy that he gives off. Our spirit is our link to our inspiration. To keep our spirits inspired we must feel good about all aspects of who we are. Here are a few ways to  get and to stay inspired.

  1. Me Time: Spend some time alone. We all need time to replenish. Take yourself out to dinner, to see a movie, or just sit by yourself and reflect or nap.
  2. Burn Off Some Steam: Exercise. Move that energy around and get in the zone while taking care of your body. Our bodies need to move that stuck energy out. Exercise helps to clear our minds.
  3. Visualization. Kids are great at this, we could learn a thing or two from them. Use your imagination to take yourself through your goals and desires, and see them coming to life in your mind's eye first.
  4. Look to Others. Explore the lives of other people. Read biographies, watch documentaries or movies based on real life people or events. Seeing the stories of people and what they faced and overcame can be very inspiring.
  5. Give Back: I've learned that what I give, I receive. When I'm feeling uninspired or challenged, I give to others what I feel I need. If someone is feeling down, I will try my hardest to provide them with a laugh. If my son is a little impatient, I become extremely patient with him and his energy shifts. Be an inspiration to others and watch how inspired you become.

The spirit is the heart of who we are. Take care of it, be good to it, and allow the genuine essence of who you are to come through and keep you shining, inside and out.

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