This is a Man’s World: Life Changes to Fashion Changes

This is a Man’s World: Life Changes to Fashion Changes


Life is one big transition -Willie Stargel

Transition, a word you hear often and one that is usually met with trepidation. Sometimes it's for good. We are transitioning out of cold weather into good weather. Sometimes it's for bad, ie, transitioning from the Obama administration to Trump’s administration. Nevertheless, it's inevitable because transition in essence—is change.

Some of you may be transitioning jobs or careers or even lifestyles. One thing that can help in this time is having the right look. Below are a couple of scenarios where clothing really helps the man (evolve).

College To Entry Level

So you're about to graduate and the only suits you have are for church, graduation and job interviews, respectively. That's not a good look.  Having proper suiting is an important part of a man's life.  If you can't buy a ton of suits (given new loans and undetermined salary), it's important to invest in three.  A black suit, a grey suit and a navy suit.  Wear them with dress shirts and ties for first round interviews or with a tee and sneakers for a dressed-down look.

Chubby to Cut-Up

January 1st came and you decided to finally put your best foot forward and work out. And you stuck with it. It wasn't easy and you spent many days eating salads as your friends ate all the burgers and fries. Now, a few months later and some pounds down, you can't fit any of your summer stuff—and that's a good thing.

If you are done losing weight—congrats.  Throw away everything that's too big. You may feel like you need to hold on to those clothes just in case, but you really don't.  First, you are never going back to that weight. Second, it's not worth getting any of it taken in—so don't lie to yourself.  Take a good amount of money and invest in basics first, then fun pieces later.  Start with a couple of dress shirts, a great fitted pair of jeans,  a pair of loafers, a pair of oxfords, and a sneaker.

If you are still in transition, buy a few things to get you through, as you are in between sizes. Try shopping at mid-priced stores like H&M, Zara, or even off price sites like to get those finds for the season that fit your temporary body.

Transition can be hard, but it is inevitable. The best way to handle it, is to remember that all transitions usually result in something better.  Don't believe me? Just think of yourself in high school.  Would you be as great if you were that guy today? I'm guessing not.

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