Major Food Groups that Contribute to Your Hair Growth

Major Food Groups that Contribute to Your Hair Growth


It’s no surprise that hair loss is recognized as one of men's worst nightmares. It’s a Shakespeare tragedy, already in production when you visit your local barber or discuss it with a partner or friend. Throughout the wave of infomercials for “immediate” solutions, there’s still partial skepticism when obtaining those quick fixes. Bury those pill-popping habits and discover a more natural route which requires a visit to your local market. There’s a collection of nutrients found in foods that can elevate your hair growth journey. Hair growth is stimulated by nutritional balance and the best place to get that (other than the doctor’s suggestions) is from your food. Take a look below as we breakdown some minerals and list some specific foods that’ll get you on the right path to a healthier diet and increased hair growth. 

#1. Here’s a word that’s popular on vitamin bottles, zinc. Zinc is a mineral that regenerates the body and increases normal body growth. It’s also responsible for three hundred enzymes in the body. Studies have shown that a zinc deficiency has been attributed to hair loss. So to restore those hair shafts, you’ll want to gain an appetite for foods packed with zinc. Foods with high volumes of zinc include: grains like quinoa and oatmeal, spinach, and broccoli. For meat lovers, you can pack your diet with beef as it also has solid amounts of zinc. 

#2 When we discuss hair’s composition, you cannot neglect sulfur. Human hair is made up of keratin [protein] and within that, sulfur takes up residency. Many experts share the same conclusion, that hair growth is operated by a cycle consisting of three stages: growing, resting, and shedding. It is essential to try to extend the growing and resting phases. Sulfur helps to extend the growth phase, ensuring that hair is longer and healthier throughout the cycle, reducing the thinning hair appearance. Sources of sulfur include: brussel sprouts, kale, asparagus, fish, and eggs. 

#3 Iron - Unfortunately pumping iron won’t get you any closer to hair growth, but the mineral may do the job. As doctors often tell us, an iron deficiency can take a toll on the body. Iron can easily be looked at as fuel for ferritin, an important component for keeping your growth phase going longer. Your body absorbs iron from animal sources more easily than it absorbs iron from plant sources. So, if you’re looking for that hearty meal, be sure to include the following: red meats like beef, lentils, oyster, potatoes, and nuts. 

#4 Amino acids stand as the building blocks of protein. Without protein production, you’ve got a first class ticket to hair loss fantasy. Its production is a byproduct of the assembling of amino acids. Amino acids have power on the hair that can elevate the shine and silkiness and even promote volume over thinning, damaged hair. You’ll want to get acquainted with foods that are filled with proper proteins, which includes dish options like: soy products, chickpeas, poultry, eggs, and dairy products.

#5 In addition to eating right, keeping a consistent hair care routine in rotation will keep your mane on point by cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing your strands. Our Superior Hair Collection is a full line up of products to help you with all of the above. 

Tip: Wash your hair with shampoo once per week and co-wash it every other week. This balance will prevent you from stripping your hair of its natural oils while keeping it clean and hydrated.

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