MVP Talk | A Look At The MVP Race In The NBA

MVP Talk | A Look At The MVP Race In The NBA


It is hard to fathom that half of the 2016-2017 NBA Season is already over. While the first half of the season was great, the second half is always where the ballers and superstars show off their greatest abilities as they look to take their teams into the Playoffs. This time of year also marks a time where some of the league's best are starting to come into their own in the MVP race.

The 2016-2017 NBA Season has been chocked full of incredible play on the hardwood, but among all the stars three are standing taller than the rest. James Harden, Russell Westbrook and Isaiah Thomas are not only dominating their respective positions, but they are also leading their teams in promising fashion. The three of them have shown the league that bigger isn't always better, breaking records, putting up video-game like numbers, and showing off their exceptional abilities in the process. This year's MVP race is gearing up to be the closest that we have seen in years, and the drama on the hardwood is only beginning! Today we take a look at the race for the NBA MVP, breaking down the top three, as well as the other contenders who deserve to be on the list as well. We also make our pick for the MVP of the NBA season as well.

James Harden

Last year saw James Harden really come into his own as with the Houston Rockets. However, this season has seen James Harden turn into an entirely different monster on the court. With a new coach and a new system, James Harden has moved from the shooting guard to the point guard position; thriving in the process. Since the move, James Harden has been dominating the league while leading his Houston Rockets to an impressive record so far in the season. Mr. Harden has been on a tear this year, averaging just shy of 29 points per game, 11 assists, and 8 rebounds. He also had 15 triple doubles as of right now, behind only Russell Westbrook. While he continues to showcase his talents against some of the best and most elite talents on the planet, he has also led his Houston Rockets to a rather impressive record of 41-18 as of now. The team and Harden have far exceeded expectations this year and continue to play an incredible brand of basketball into the later half of the regular season.

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Russell Westbrook

The time is now for Russell Westbrook. After spending time in shadows of Kevin Durant in OKC Russ if finally getting the limelight all to himself, and he is taking full advantage of it. We have not witnessed anyone playing this special in our generation as Westbrook has played like a man possessed this season. So far Russell is on pace to average a triple-double for the season. He is averaging 31 points per game, ten assists and ten rebounds while taking the reigns of the Thunder after KD departed for the Warriors. While Russ has been doing his thing on the court, his squad's record is overshadowing his incredible numbers. The Thunder sit at 32-25 for the season and are in a battle to make the final eight in the west for the playoffs. Russell has certainly been doing his thing and has shown that he can lead by example.

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Isaiah Thomas

What can we say about Isaiah Thomas that hasn't already been said before? This man was drafted as the 60th pick, the final pick of the 2011 draft and is now in the running for MVP. Isaiah Thomas has been a star in the making for the past few seasons and has come into his own this year. His impressive gameplay has Boston sitting at number two in the East right now with an impressive 37-20 record. Isaiah has been averaging some impressive numbers all season, bringing in nearly 30 points per game, six assists and almost three rebounds. Did we mention that the man is only 5'9" and 185lbs? Isaiah Thomas is a hero for little guys all over the world, and he dominates at any given time. Mr. Clutch, Isaiah Thomas is known for his heroic and incredible talents during the fourth quarter, better known as Isaiah Time. Isaiah Thomas is incredible to watch, and he is definitely bringing a new fight to Boston.

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Other Contenders

While our top three picks up top have been doing their thing on the NBA Hardwood all season, the MVP race is packed full of more than just those options. We cannot forget about Lebron James who is having another amazing season in Cleveland. He looks to take his team back to the finals, where we all hope to see them battle the Golden State Warriors once again. Another name in the MVP race is Kawhi Leonard, the laid back star from San Antonio who has quietly been putting up incredible numbers all season long. Other names on the shortlist include Golden State's stars Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, while John Wall has also been showing out all year as well. This year is tougher than ever, but there can only be one!

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The MVP Goes Too...

While it would be nice to give two awards this season, the NBA MVP can only go to one. While the season is not close to over, and the drama is just heating up, we pick James Harden to win the 2016-2017 NBA MVP. This dude has not only been putting up unrivaled numbers, but he has also led his team to an incredible record. While Russell Westbrook is putting up slightly better averages, the Thunder are no match for the Rockets, and it seems like the Rockets are destined for a run deep into the West Conference playoffs; which weighs a lot in our choice. James Harden has certainly shown us why he deserves to be the NBA MVP this season. Let us know your thoughts and your pick in the comments!

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