Quarantine Control: Manage Your Day With A Routine

Quarantine Control: Manage Your Day With A Routine


These elongated hours of obscureness can be flipped into an opportune time of reflection and challenge of workload efficiency. With all this time, ask yourself, what shall I truly do with it? There’s only so much mindless phone scrolling one can do until things like carpal tunnel or some sort of visual impairment coming knocking. Mainstream media vomit has been spewing into our social accounts and everyday news that can easily paralyze us. From the untamed hair, long nails, dry skin, shower less days, these symptoms of “in-home paralysis” or lack of self-care can slowly cause things to fall apart. It can be misinterpreted as a clutch living in fear of the unknown.

There is a self-care solution that can keep us grounded, productive and relaxed during tumultuous times like these: A Routine. 

An establishment of a routine has a healing power that is a call/ response to your work productivity. It’s a result driven experience that unloads your skill of consistency and organization. If time is all we need then we have an ability to fully maximize it for our proper health and well-being. Just because you may be confined in your home doesn’t mean your mind (or body) has to be. A routine gives you a marker and lets you set various targets.

For example, home workouts are made readily available. This is set as a reminder that health is wealth. Those very targets give your life one of the most important things: order. If uncertainty is what many of us fear the most then order is the life raft that gets us right back to the “land of opportunity.” Our homes can be transformed as our sanctuaries and routines are our “scriptural text” of direction. Overindulging is a fault behavior that can make us fall short of attacking daily goals. It starts with the state of being comfortable which could be a catalyst into laziness or just “over snacking” one given activity or even food.

Luckily, a routine can set those very perimeters that can block your attitude of taking too much of something. So whether you’re spending too much time on the internet, video gaming, or simply can’t put the ice cream down, setting a time clock of such activities can be your best defensive attack. 

This home “hibernation” can be a wakeup call to most people.

Is there a project you’ve been procrastinating on? What do you do with this time with your partner, spouse or child? Maintaining a routine allows for others to continue to respect your time and even a behavior that's contagious that’ll allow them to possibly operate the same way. Routine activities like exploring a new skill, language or art can showcase ones’ tenacity for learning. The time it takes for personal education can help substitute any idle time you encounter. This allows you to share and practice one of the most effective human skills: communication.

Tap into a friend, work associate, partner, or family member and share your personal education experience. A simple phone or video conversation helps strengthen the circle of communication, which is currently under siege. Hibernating while learning does not mean to close yourself off from others. Modern technology provides us various lines of connecting with people.

Setting up a routine gives us the clarity to identify who we are and what we may, or may not, be willing to change about our human behavior. Don’t return to your regular job or career with the same mentality. Use a routine to activate & elevate and you’ll begin this new journey of self-discovery that can positively impact your life.

By: Darius Davis

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