Scotch Porter Honors Women’s History Month

Scotch Porter Honors Women’s History Month


During Women’s History Month, premium men’s grooming brand, ScotchPorter, will be sharing the unapologetic stories of women who are fearlessly living their truth. In partnership with Founder, Danielle Cooper, the campaign highlights Danielle along with Ali Medina and Kim Geronimo, shedding light on their journeys and views on women’s issues. The brand captured their essence, style, stories and adversities that LGBTQ+ women face and their drive to break down the stereotypes and norms surrounding gender equality.

“I think it’s beautiful to be a part of this campaign and to be celebrated during Women’s History Month. I try my best to not look at labels, men’s brand vs. women’s brand, because we all have different attractions. Although a scent may be a little more masculine, why can’t a woman wear it? It’s all about what fits your personality, your style, your comfort,” said Danielle Cooper. Influencers, artists and photographers by day, these women took the opportunity to showcase their style with the Scotch Porter Hair and Skin Care Collections in addition to using the platform to share their voices.

“I think it’s special that we are women but also androgynous and do present masculinely. I think it’s really beautiful that Scotch Porter included us in a campaign for women and we don’t necessarily present as traditional women. So, I feel very honored.” Said Ali Medina.

The #ShesHistory campaign mission is to encourage individuals to continue the conversation around challenges that affect the progression of women and encourage all to take this month as an opportunity to celebrate and learn more

about the women in their lives as well as those around the world.


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