Style For 2017 | Denim Is Back!

Style For 2017 | Denim Is Back!


As we all know by now, style changes with each season through the year. One thing that stays fairly consistent in style is denim. Everyone has a pair of jeans, a denim jacket and/or more that we fall back on no matter the season. Denim is a timeless staple of any style, but 2017 finds denim coming back into style on a bigger scale.

This year denim is more than just the material your jeans are made of, it is a must have for any selection of style, and it is an excellent choice for whatever you have in your plans. Today we take a look at the return of denim in 2017 as well as providing some good selections for updating your look. It is a new year, and you deserve a new look!

Denim Styles & Cuts

Look, when it comes to jeans, we all have our favorite cut, our favorite style, even colors, washes, and brands come into the mix. While some of us are a bit partial to straight cut classics, change is good. There are a number of unique slim fit denim selections that keep things classic yet add a modern fit for your new look. Brands such as Cult Denim, G-Star Raw, and more offer a broad selection of great fits, cuts and more which feature close attention to detail and some unique attributes. Classic brands such as Levi’s also come with some stylish selections with a modern approach as well. While you are at it check out some of the great choices at the Fairplay Brand as well, offering a clean and contemporary approach to denim in the process. Whatever your style is, 2017 is a great year to upgrade your denim!

Denim Outerwear

In 2017 denim does not stop at your jeans. It is everywhere this year, and that includes the world of outerwear. Remember those classic jean jackets? Well, expect to see some modern variations of these throughout the year, such as the brilliant collection of designs as Profound Aesthetic. Light colors, darker shades and all sorts of bold washes come into play here as well. While brands like Carhartt, Norse Projects, Roark Revival, and more provide plenty of different styles and selections, fitting any style you can imagine.

Denim Accessories

While we have seen some jeans, took a look at some outerwear, now we look at accessories. Denim is everywhere right now, and it looks to stay alive throughout 2017. Timberland recently dropped off a denim rendition of their classic 6” boots, marking a unique blend and eye-catching appeal. While denim footwear may be hard to find, and hard to pull off, you can also find denim strewn on backpacks, wallets, wrist wear and much more; adding a classic yet contemporary approach to any style. Step it up for 2017!

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