Styled For The Seasons | Five Upcoming Menswear Collections To Update Your Look

Styled For The Seasons | Five Upcoming Menswear Collections To Update Your Look


When it comes to updating your look and keeping your style fresh; it is hard work. Each season finds a vast selection of new styles, new brands, and new details. Well now that we are officially into 2017 and it is time to change things up a bit.

While searching for the latest and greatest can be a challenge we take a look at five great upcoming menswear collections that are sure to update your look for this season and those ahead. This includes fresh looks from new brands, offering up something for everyone while keeping some outstanding attention to style and detail. Have a look at the selections below and update your look asap, you deserve it!

Wings+horns Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

If you are looking to add a more sensible and classic look, wings+horns has you covered. The Wings+horns Fall/Winter 2017 Collection boasts minimal designs that feature brilliant attention to detail. We find a range of excellent layering options with an intelligent use of fabrics and interesting details. Outstanding options include the hand-knit Peruvian wool sweaters, the eye-catching Cabin Fleece in Oxblood and a contemporary Twill Mac Coat. Step up your style with wings+horns right now!

The adidas Originals XBYO Collection

No strangers to style, adidas is looking to take things back to a simple time with this new streetwear-driven collection. Style comes in all shapes and sizes, and adidas seems to bring streetwear with a fashionable approach in this subtle and clean looking lineup. The adidas Originals XBYO collection offers some staples that are sure to add comfort and function to your wardrobe. Look for the collection now at select adidas retailers!

KHND Studios New Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Spring time brings a bit more time outdoors. It is a transitional time of year, and the creative folks at KHND Studios offer the perfect collection just for that. The KHND Studios New Spring/Summer 2017 Collection boasts a stylish and functional appeal with a mix of long sleeve options, lightweight jackets and much more. KHND never fails to provide unique detail and quality, and this selection is no different. Head over to KHND Studios now and get yours today!

Nicce London’s Spring/Summer 2017 Menswear Collection

Spring marks an exciting and transitional time for style. London based brand, Nicce offer up something unique and wide-ranging for the seasons ahead with a focus on detail. The outstanding collection offers easy to wear pieces such as lightweight jackets, Logo T-shirts, Short Co-Ords,  and tracksuits; even a range of accessories that fit perfectly. The collection is aimed at the style  conscious, cool and confident man; like you. The new collection is available now at Nicce, make your move.

Mr. Bathing Ape’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

If you are looking to step your style all the way up, Mr. Bathing Ape is just for you. Mr. Bathing Ape’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection features a broad range of brilliant designs with no shortage of style. From -sleeved button-up shirts to suiting options, even jackets, polo shirts and much more. The collection is stylish, functional and clean; all while providing unrivaled attention to detail throughout. The collection is available starting soon at select BAPE locations.

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