The pandemic put a spin on daily fashion. Meeting attire has changed from business casual to a dress shirt and basketball shorts or pajama pants on the bottom. After more than a year of dressing like this, many people are out of practice. Let’s run this refresher so you’re ready for when you meet people outside of Zoom.


Do – Invest in Good Quality and Fit

When you’re putting together your wardrobe and putting together good outfits, it’s always best to go with quality over quantity. Put your clothing budget towards a handful of higher quality pieces rather than a ton of clothes that are half the quality and don’t fit right. If you’re going to splurge, make sure you invest in high-end pieces. Look for timeless pieces, such as leather jackets, that can be worn for years.



Don’t – Be Afraid of Color & Prints

A colorful or bold print can make a basic outfit stand out. There are so many ways you can incorporate a cool print or a pop of color. For instance, a nice pocket square will make a simple suit or blazer look more stylish. Don't overlook the appeal of a colorful tie either. 


Do – Dress Up Denim

Denim is the quintessential American fabric. Full of versatility, too often guys dress jeans down and never think of ramping up their style. A pair of black or dark denim jeans are a great replacement for your slacks on a casual Friday. Add a blazer and stylish pocket square and you’ve put together a great combo for a night out.


Don’t – Match Your Tie & Pocket Square

Yes, they often come in a set. They match but don’t EVER wear them together. Just don’t. Unless they happen to be solid colors. Even then, don’t make a habit of it. Look for a tie or pocket square with an offsetting pattern with color accents from your tie. For example, if your tie is a solid red look for a slightly different red pocket square to break up the monotony. You never want to be too “matchy.”



Do – Play Around With Headwear

So many guys stick with baseball caps or “dad hats” if they’re covering their head. However, recent trends have more men wearing fedoras and wide brim style hats. Take a risk and branch out a bit on your headgear. A dope, stylish hat instantly turns up the volume of an outfit. Feel free to wear different styles of hats with denim and t-shirt combos for a new twist.


Style is a matter of self-expression more than anything, so remember that the top rule of fashion is comfort within yourself.


Written By Marc J. Kelly

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