Take Notes From These Celebrity Beards

Take Notes From These Celebrity Beards


When it comes to facial hair, there’s a delicate line between hot and hobo. So, if you’re thinking about keeping your No-Shave November beard, or just growing one to keep you warm this winter because you’re all alone, use these examples as a little inspiration on how to make your beard work for you.

Donald Glover's not-so-childish beard 

Glover toes the line between movie star and moving shelters quite nicely here. His beard is thick and full, not overly manicured and frames his face just right. It's effortlessly cool.

Casey Affleck, the Oscar, and his beard 

Affleck won an Oscar for his role in Manchester By The Sea and that’s exactly what his beard looks like. We’ll cut him some slack because he was apparently growing it out for a role. So unless you're about to pull an Oscar, keep tangles out of your beard. If you can’t do it yourself, ask your barber to shape your beard to compliment the shape of your face. And keep your beard moisturized to avoid it looking brittle.

James Harden's hard choice 

James is living proof that a beard can give you a little extra swag. For some guys, a beard is the missing piece to the puzzle.

Sam Smith needs to stay with a beard 

We know we're not the only ones who think Sam Smith needs to latch on to this beard (see what we did there?). See how perfectly it frames his face and gives him a clean jawline?

Leonardo DiCaprio, for the win... 

Luckily, Leo didn’t take the whole Wolf of Wall Street thing literally. If it fits your style, take the effortless approach, giving controlled five o’clock shadow feels. 

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