The Holiday season marks one of the busiest and most hectic times of the year for many of us. A lot of us will be hitting the road, the air and more to visit family and head back home for the Holidays, but before you go there are some things you should know, and some things you should have on your way.

Today we take a look at Five Travel Necessities For Your Next Adventure that will make your trip a little easier and much more comfortable in the process. Have a look at the Five Travel Necessities below and let us know your thoughts. Stay safe and stay comfortable during this coming Holiday Weekend!


Just because you are leaving your comfort zone during the Holidays doesn’t mean your grooming routine should slack. With our Scotch Porter Travel-Sized Beard Collection, you can easily take along your much-needed beard, hair and skincare products, while keeping things fresh and healthy no matter where you are traveling adventure takes you. With everything including our beard serum, beard balm, beard wash, and conditioner, this will keep your beard soft and shiny no matter where you end up!


Keeping your things together and in order is a must when traveling. This is true both on the road or in the air, or however, you may be getting to your destination. A good dopp kit or toiletry bag can provide an excellent way to keep your products in order. A few selections worth checking out are Topo Designs Dopp Kit, a small kit rocking Colorado-stitched Cordura cloth and quality hardware that provides a durable and stylish approach. The Flight 001 F1 Spacepak is also a great pick, with a perfect way to pack up all your essentials for your life on the run. A good dopp kit or toiletry bag will keep your things in order, and your grooming supplies all in one location.


Traveling is always fun until you realize that you haven’t packed correctly, or you do not have the proper bags to carry your goods. Well, the hardest part is preparing, but we’re here to help. Brands such as HEX, Herschel Supply Co., and TUMI are offering a bit of everything and anything you will need for your travels. This includes duffels, backpacks, roller luggage and much more, all of which offers next level quality and attention to detail throughout. Stay stylish and stay prepared for your travels this season!


Being comfortable while traveling is a key; a major key. While we all have our way of getting comfortable during our travels, we provide with a way to take your comfort to the next level. Pillow kits of all sorts can be found and can be quite useful on those long flights or car rides across the country. The GoSleep Memory Foam Pillow Kit is an excellent choice with next level comfort and an eye-mask to keep things blocked out. Another brilliant choice is Travelrest’s Ultimate Travel Pillow, which looks like a long apostrophe that tucks right above your shoulder and across your body or down your side. It’s easy, straightforward and efficient, and is sure to add some comfort to your next flight. Being comfortable on your trip can make it or break it, so why not start things off right?


So now that you’ve got your bags packed, the right bags, all of your grooming products and your comfort is all lined up, time to finish things off with some sounds. A good pair of headphones is a must-have for any trip; from going across town to across the globe. There a wide range of headphones on the market, as well as earbuds and more. Skullcandy comes with a broad variety of unique designs ideal for traveling, while Beats By Dre, Bose, and more also offering flawless designs too. Add some stunning sound to your next adventure!


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