Why Your Partner Is Checking Their Phone During Sex, Logically Explained

Why Your Partner Is Checking Their Phone During Sex, Logically Explained


According to a recent study, 1 in 10 people admit to checking their phones while they are in the middle of getting it on—yes, really.  

Ten percent of people surveyed for SureCall’s “The Attachment Problem: Cellphone Use In America” study admitted to checking their mobiles during the supposed-to-be intimate moment.  Among those who are grabbing their phones instead of their partner, 43% confessed to checking it 2-10 times in the past year. Yikes! It’s one thing to check your phone during Aretha’s 7-hour funeral, your God son’s Baptism, or during the birth of your second child, but during sex? Is nothing sacred?


This stat tells us two things: our addiction and obsession with our cell phones is getting out of hand and if you’re the one left waiting while your partner reaches for their mobile, you may need some new moves.


So why is your partner being inattentive during intimacy and can’t wait until the climax to check their device?  We’re just speculating, but we have some thoughts.

  1. Setting Up A Better Booty Call  

Your partner is so bored, they’ve reached for their phone to see if their other FWB is free to finish what you started.  


  1. Instagramming

These days people have to share everything on social media. They’re probably just taking a quick selfie for their Instagram story like “Yeesss! Having such a great time right now. Hi, haters!”


  1. Lighting Up The Group Chat

Chances are everyone in the group chat already knows what’s going down and they are on standby waiting for an update. Your partner is so over you, they are already sending GIFs or photoshopping the Michael Jordan crying face on your photo with their recap on your performance.


  1. Ordering Seamless

Let’s assume for a second your partner isn’t bored and you aren’t bad in bed—maybe they are just hungry because you’ve been going at it for so long. There’s a good chance they’re just ordering some General Tso’s in advance so it’s ready when they get home.


  1. Applying for Jobs

Have you ever been in the middle of doing something and it reminds of you something else you need to do? Like, when you’re shaving and you’re like, “Damn, I need to mow the lawn this weekend” or when you’re praying and you remember you forgot to send that email at work? Same thing. It’s quite possible your mate was in the middle of one job and was like “Ooh I need to apply for that job by end of day today.” See? Logical explanation.

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