Growing out your facial hair especially during these times can be challenging. But it doesn't have to be! As your facial hairs grows in general, you can find yourself faced with ingrown hairs and itchy skin underneath your beard. Now this itch can be caused by a number of things including dry skin, acne, using products with chemicals that cause irritation or even lack of proper hygiene.

With the current economic climate, most barbershops are closed until further notice. But your grooming needs are always present. What are you doing to maintain your beard? Here are a few simple steps to keep your beard growing healthy and full.

All Growth Starts From Within: What's your diet like? There may be hereditary reasons as to why you cannot achieve the bearded mane you desire but most of the time it can be attributed to what your eating. Remember a balanced diet can go a long way so make sure your intake includes a healthy mix of essential foods that are ideal for you.

Get That Beard So Fresh and So Clean: Cleansing your beard 1-2 times max per week with a sulfate-free beard wash is ideal. You want to keep your follicles, hair strands and the skin underneath clean and free of residue. If you've been in an environment that requires you to cleanse more often like a construction site or hospital, be sure to deep condition your beard after each wash to maintain its moisture levels and nutrients.

Keep Those Hairs & Skin Hydrated: It's natural that the elements around you will tug at the hydration in your beard whether your inside or outdoors. To keep your beard hydrated, include co-washing 1-2 times per week in your routine. The benefits of co-washing, which is washing your beard with conditioner, allows you to cleanse your beard with necessary nutrients without stripping it of its natural oils.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: Sometimes we all need a little extra moisture and that's where a good leave-in conditioner comes in. Slightly dampen your beard before applying and gently comb your hairs. This helps detangle and straighten them before applying other finishing products. Facial hair short? Replace the comb with a brush to smooth your hairs immediately.

Apply The Finishing Touch: Keep your beard happy and moisturized by applying a conditioning beard balm and beard serum to keep your beard tangle free, soft and shiny. And don't forget a good trim goes a long way so be sure to do so every 6-8 weeks or longer as long as your beard is healthy and not excessively shedding.

Growing out your facial hair does not have to be labor intensive. Let our beard collection do the work for you. With so much to manage and think through around you, your beard care shouldn't be another headache.

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